Planning in the board room

Strategic Plan

Your strategic plan codifies your long-range vision and high-level activities and budgets. It aligns your employees and is the starting point for the investor documents and collateral. Angels and bankers use a unique language and have different expectations from customers. We know the tricks. Let's talk about how we can help close financing.

Marketing and Sales Plan

Among other topics, your annual commercial plan covers product definition and road map, customer segmentation and messaging, pricing strategy and distribution. The budget covers staff, collateral development, marketing mix and an execution calendar. It's a big job! We can help.

marketing planning session

Examples of Planning Projects

Key: (1) Three start-up diagnostics companies, (2) early commercial life sciences research, (3) two start-up medical device companies, (4) two established diagnostics (5) development stage diagnostics, (6) turn-around diagnostics

Strategic plan (1)Create roadmap for a diagnostic product portfolio built from platform technology
Go-to-market plan for Integrated Delivery Networks, ACOs, MDs, payors (1)Precision medicine/multiplex test for patients with secondary cardiovascular disease
Marketing plan for Pharma and academia (2)Proteomics platform for biomarker discovery
Strategic plan, investor documents and collateral for A-round financing (3)Implantable continuous glucose monitor
Go-to-market plan for MDs; Offering Memorandum, investor presentation and M&A due diligence (3)Device for ADHD assessment. Sold to dominant player in the education space.
Marketing plan, new collateral & training (4)HIV and Hepatitis C rapid assays
Product road map; strategic partnering; execution; IPO, M&A documents (5)Circulating tumor cells, FISH, infectious disease
Strategic plan, investor materials for B-round financing (1)Multiplex platform for low-density protein and gene chips
Strategic plan for growth; execution (6)Shift from kit sales to capital equipment
Business plan, launch execution (4)Coagulation point-of-care system
Launch execution for labs and MDs; IPO, M&A documents (1)Quantitative, non-instrumented rapid assays

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