Find the gap

Gap Analysis

The first step in identifying opportunities is to identify market needs. In healthcare, we analyze gaps in care pathways and opportunities for cost avoidance or cost reduction. In-depth interviews and surveys can be good tools to do this, usually with a product concept in mind. This market research is useful for identifying targets and developing messaging that resonates with them.

Market Research

How big is the market? What is the competitive landscape? What are the pain points for prospective customers? How do they react to proposed use cases for a product? What messages resonate? We will design and execute studies to generate insights that will guide strategy and focus tactical execution.

Market research techniques: survey, research, opinions, statistics

Examples of Market Research Projects

These projects were executed for a start-up diagnostics company.

Project ExamplesDescription
Secondary market research: Literature review, guidelines Opportunity assessment for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, oncology, GI disease...
Primary market research: In-depth interviews and online survey Health systems executives on population health initiatives; product concept testing
Primary market research: Online survey Cardiologists, endocrinologists, internists for needs analysis; product concept testing

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The flyer summarizes our approach to market research.

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