5 Reasons Start-ups Rock

It’s ideal to do work that is more meaningful than the just a paycheck. I am lucky. I love my work. At least most of the time…  My favorite jobs and co-workers have been in start-ups and development stage companies. Here’s why start-ups rock.

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"A" is for Attitude

The vibe in little companies is almost universally positive. And, there is a dash of anxiety over the closing the next round of funding. Positive attitude often comes with a hint of cockiness because we truly believe we can make it happen. Work hard, play hard, get it done…

"E" is for Entrepreneur

Start-ups, by definition, are entrepreneurial. Three more E-words that describe entrepreneurs: Excellence, Energy, Eternal optimism.

"I" is for Innovation

Great ideas are born and develop at pace in small companies. Done right, innovation is also important and impactful to the intended customers.

"O" is for Out-of-the-Box

From ideation to problem solving to execution, start-up teams have a knack for seeing unique opportunities. The trick for leaders is to foster that creativity and motivate the team apply it relentlessly to practical solutions.

"U" is for Urgency

Focus, teamwork, continuous learning and challenging each other to achieve great things… what’s not to like!

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Carrie Mulherin is CEO of Focus Marketing, offering consulting services in planning, market research, commercial execution and training to growing companies. Carrie@FocusMktg.us

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